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The cosmetics market in Poland

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2017-12-05 13:32:40
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Poland is the 6th biggest cosmetics market in Europe. It is right behind the largest European economies: Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain.

The Polish cosmetics market consists of approximately 400 entities: both big Polish and international companies, and medium, small and micro enterprises. Such broad structure provides the industry with the necessary diversity.


The value of the cosmetics market in 2016 amounted to PLN 16 billion. Thanks to the cosmetics industry, the Polish economy has generated more than PLN 7 billion in added value. The direct added value stood at PLN 3.02 billion, the indirect - at PLN 2.18 billion. The remaining part (PLN 1.88 billion) resulted from the increase in income in the economy that, through the increased demand of consumers, generated the added value.


Employment in the cosmetics industry is estimated at approximately 43 thousand jobs. As many as 16.5 thousand people work directly in the industry, over 10 thousand people in other branches of the economy related to the cosmetics industry, and 16.7 jobs are maintained due to the induced effect.


The number of jobs maintained in selected sectors

due to the cosmetics industry’s activities in 2016

Professional and business services

Production and repair of transport equipment, trade 3,477
Light industry 2,134
Storage and transport services 1,910
Financial, insurance and real estate services 1,535

Source: Estimates by Deloitte.


The Polish cosmetics market is growing at an annual rate of 2%. Among the six European leaders in the cosmetics industry, Poland was growing the fastest.


The export of Polish cosmetics


Polish cosmetics are sold in more than 160 countries worldwide. Although the main direction of Polish exporters are still the EU countries, such as Germany, Great Britain or Russia, our products reach also more remote markets, e.g. Mexico, Indonesia and Australia.


The cosmetics market’s prospects


It is assumed that the projected growth of the Polish economy will contribute to the development of the cosmetics industry. The simultaneous increase in the society’s affluence will lead to increase in demand for cosmetic products.


The projected value of the cosmetics market in the years 2016-2021 (in PLN billion)


The demand’s structure is also going to change. The sales of more expensive cosmetics will grow, and the demographic changes taking place in Poland will increase the demand for products for the elderly.


The Polish cosmetics industry is facing an opportunity of further global expansion. Particularly promising are the markets of the Middle East and of the Asian countries. It is assumed that upon saturation of the European market in the next years, it will be the Asian markets (mainly China) that will be the most important partners for the Polish manufacturers from the cosmetics industry.


According to the cosmetics industry promotional programme, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency will support actions promoting the Polish cosmetics industry in: Italy, the United Arab Emirates, China, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Indonesia and South Korea.

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