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Video Grabber DisplayPort

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Contact person
Grzegorz Chodacki

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Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

Equipped with a passive video splitter it can be safely installed between the computer and its screen (pass-through connection) as it doesn’t even have to be powered on to forward the video signal to the display. Multisoft DGR-1000 Video Grabber is a real-time video capturing device that captures video signal between Graphics card and monitor.

Supplementary information

Configured either using web browser or via SNMPv3 DGR-1000 provides wide variety of possibilities: both lossless and lossy compression algorithms are available, captured signal can be provided as RTSP stream or saved at a user – defined network location. Support for Network Time Protocol (NTP) makes it possible to timestamp the data at the moment of its capture.

Captured video can be send via two independent Ethernet ports to two recorders.


  • Computer-related equipment
  • Video-signal coding machines
  • Video equipment
  • Video-surveillance system
  • Video recording or reproducing apparatus
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